Classic Mexican Gallery

In the early sixties, La Central decided to create a new version of Classic House, and appears in Market Gallery Mexican classics. The main purpose of this new development was twofold: first to continue the cultural work and, secondly, to show the beauty of the Mexican landscape through the work of Jorge Cazares. Again, the success and popularity were swift.

The collection consists of 100 reproductions that can be inserted into a beautiful album format, the plates together form an inventory of the many faces of the landscape of Mexico. From the magnificent volcanoes perpetually graying snow, to the inaccessible canyons of the course of Oaxaca, from the flat plains of North Highlands, to the wild fury of the Gulf Coast region. Also included are old estates, monasteries and convents of colonial times, quiet towns, courts, state capitals, rivers, mountains and valleys. As if this were not enough, the album that gave the Central contains quotes from many poets concerning the visual impression of the Mexican land. There are Lopez Velarde, Manuel Jose Othon, Carlos Pellicer, Amado Nervo, Juan de Dios Peza, Alfonso Reyes and Octavio Paz. Again there is the admiration, because, as already mentioned, the matches had been sold in any way.

We reproduce here some of the best lithographs published.